Saturday, July 19, 2008

I adopted kids.....

So I work for the company TodaysMama and the ironic part is that I am the only one who is childless. So I felt the need to see what this business was all about. Yes, it is true. I adopted my cousins 3 kids for 11 days to embark on our first ever "Summer Adventure". And these were the best lines of the week:

"So you know how Eiko's skin is brown....they actually call that black."

"Why is Eiko half Chinese and African?"
"Well she isn't, she is actually Japanese and Indian."
"So she is kind of a warrior"
"Actually she is more of a ninja"
"Oh well then who taught her ninja moves?"
"She taught herself"

"Eiko you say Dude & Seriously way too much...."

Eiko "Let's Rock and Roll...."
Fletcher "I am Rock and Roll"
And there is how we got his Summer Adventure nicname

Sofie "Eiko for my adventure I want to make a Hannah Montan video...I have the H.M. wig but I need a shirt."

At the end of the 11 days we did everything on our list. Got sweet tans and played hard. It was a great time! And as much as I missed my life without kids I now miss the kids more.