Friday, June 13, 2008

My favorite toy....

So when I was a kid my favorite thing to play with was my brothers. I know what you are thinking....WTF? But here is the thing, they were like real live dolls. I could dare them or make them do whatever I wanted...yes, I was a little bossy as a kid. But they did whatever I suggested...dress up, let me push them down the hill on a skateboard or in a buggy... but the best was when we turned our wagon into a go-cart. These are the memories I have of me and my brothers and how we played....after yesterday I have found that this is not the case with the kids in my hood.

I live in the Avenues which means that my neighbors are about 5 feet away. I have a new set of neighbors next door and being that I work from home I can hear the kids and their discussions all day long.....

The little girl was outside and yelling at her brother....these are the things she said:

"No, you can not use that...that is my bowling ball!"
Now granted I didn't see this "bowling ball", however I am little nervous that the 5 & 6 year olds are using a bowling ball as an actual toy.

"You can not jump on the tramp while someone else is on it!"
WTF I thought that was the whole point of a tramp

"There are rules to playing...if you can't deal with the rules then we can't play!"
Seriously who are these kids?! And "rules" for word...stupid.