Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Things that people say that makes me laugh out loud

In my daily adventures of life, people say things out loud that make me laugh....and I have and will continue to collect them....enjoy!

"I used to work at Pizza Hut delivery, not braggin' just saying'"
"Shut the door...twice...."
"I am freaking GOOD, not braggin' just sayin'
"I can't hear you with your clothes on"
"Hola, I am Michael Jackson"
"I don't take pictures in the bathroom mirror, wear my hat backwards or wear anything with dragons or wings or Ed Hardy.."
"Po' kids can't buy other po' kids ponies"
"Buy me a pony!!"
"Clearly I have an attention span"
"Shut up and be beautiful"
"No, standing as close to me as you can, will not make me move faster"
"Mexicans and Lesbians ---those are my people"

More to come.....

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Prison Mix Vol. 25

My sister in law Corina has been making me CD mixes for over 10 years. The CD's used to be labeled "CD for Eiko" with statements like 'God Bless America' all over it. As the years went by the names got more and more creative with titles like "Gettin' it on Music", "SF Mix" and my favorite "Eiko's Prison Mix" and fun fact these CD's come in various volumes. So an example would be my "Prison Mix" which is volume #25 and no I do not own volume #1-24, only volume #25. I know, I am truly blessed to have this gem in my life. So part 2 of the story.....

I have been driving my Mom's car for a week while mine was in the shop and so I took this as an opportunity to put in some CD's that I recently found. One of which was SF Mix '07 volume 14 (side note I do have 3-4 volumes of SF mixes volumes 3, 27 and 9). Now as I am driving in my Mom's convertible with the top down, listening to my mix LOUDLY in traffic I notice that this new song sounds familiar but wait....who is that singing?...oh that is right Paris Hilton and her one hit wonder. Now was it embarrassing that this was blaring loudly from the car in rush hour traffic, yes, but more embarrassing I was singing along. Remember that scene in "Office Space" where he is rapping in his car and then turns it down.....yah, it was like that.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Marathon Sleeper

A friend of mine recently referred to me as a "marathon sleeper" and to be fair it is a fairly accurate description of me. I think if I were to be addicted to anything I would be okay if it was sleep and I had great dreams all the time and of course that I didn't miss out on my life by doing so...and seeing as none of these things will be I will stick to being a marathon sleeper for the time being.

I have to defend myself a bit, I will not sleep in past 10am unless I am completely and totally exhausted. I feel that I have to make a contribution to the world or at least my life and so I get up fairly early all the time and get going. I will however stop mid-day and take a nap, any day and any time. I LOVE taking naps. I wish I would have jumped on that band wagon when I was younger, but no I decided that nap time was a time to practice my jail breaking skills and push out the screen and crawl out the window well to play outside with my dolls. What can I say, I don't like to be told what to do. In fact if you are wanting me to do something your best bet is to pretend like it was my idea. My poor Mom, someone should have clued her in on that one. I believe it took awhile to figure out all of my escape routes through out the years.

But I know what you are wondering, why is there a picture of a cat?

Here is the story, I recently got a kitten, Lulu. My family is big on pets and everyone has a cat except for me and seeing as they are fairly low maintenance and self sufficient I felt that it was a great fit to my life style and way more entertaining than the alternative; fish or plants. I have had Lulu about 2 weeks at this point and I ADORE her and I find her completely enjoyable to observe as her curiosity grows. But even though I am absolutely in love with her I am also in love with my sleep. And so, as I did with my dog, I have trained her that bed time is at 11 pm every night and that she goes to her actual bed and goes to sleep. I am not kidding when I tell you that I am a bit of an animal whisperer when it comes to sleep time. Both of my wonderful pets know what I mean when I say sleep time, both go to their beds and both will stay there until I wake up. Only down side is they are also both grumpy if you wake them up before they are ready ANd if you can believe they both get moody when I don't go to bed on time and I keep them up. Amazing. I know. It totally amazes me as well.