Friday, December 19, 2008


So I was planning on posting some fantastic photos of "Santa Con 2008" from the Espiritu clan in San Fran...but they threatened me with my life. They did however say that I could post this...and I know it is not as interesting or as fun as the Santa photos would be but....what do you do? This is their 30 lb. SPOILED cat, Murphy aka Meowphy, who apparently is cold while he sits on his sofa/futon. Seriously. Yes, I am related to these people. I know...shameful.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Time for a haircut?

Picture this...I drop my iPOD on the floor under the chair. I have to lean clear over to get it and as I try to sit up...I have one hand on my long hair. Let me paint you a picture, as I try to sit up I am simultaneously pulling myself back down. The best part is that it took me doing it twice before I realized what was going on. I am special. I think I may need to cut my hair. The fact that it has become an entity all its own and that it gets caught in my car door...makes me think that it is far too long.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Back in SLC

So I haven't updated since my move...and all I can say is that Montana does not provide a lot of interesting stories to tell or they pale in comparison to the ones that SLC provided.

However, last night while stopping by the Sev I observed the world's slowest skateboarder EVER. I watched him attempt to do an olie up the curb at a record slow pace and all I could think was....friend, you need some speed for that trick. And then I laughed out loud, because do I really think it is in anyones best interest for me to give advice on a sport that I have never really to my skateboarder friend....good job!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bubble Wrap

Moving....I used to move to a new place every year. In fact I have moved 20+ times in the past 13 years....yah, I move alot. However, I have stayed in the same place for over 3 years, which is rare for me. So, I am moving out of my awesome, comfy avenue apartment...and I have never been big on the whole bubble wrap, shrink wrap business. This time I find that by putting most of my belongings in storage I have gotten a little paranoid with "what could happen" with my stuff.

With that said, I have found two very important and I must say AWESOME moving supplies.
1. Shrink Wrap - basically you can wrap anything to keep it together, keep dust off etc. I practiced my skills by shrink wrapping random items while watching TV. This stuff is my new favorite thing.
2. Bubble Wrap - as seen here.....I was buying it in small quantities....and then thought....go big or go home. This roll is 250 just makes me giggle that I felt the need to have this much bubble wrap.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I heart Nevada

I have a tendency to live the most random 10-12 hour spans of time. About a week or so ago a friend called and asked if I would drive with him to Nevada. Hold on...let me back up. I have a friend who owns a repo company and he had to drive to Nevada to "pick up" a car....which is the legal term for stealing a car. So 11pm I get the call and without hesitation I said yes. Now I know what you are thinking....who really ever says yes to these situations and the answer is Eiko...every time. But hey that is what keeps life interesting.

So we head out to Nevada, not for a fun vacation or gambling but to "pick up" a car and drive back. The night started out by us listening to George Noory Coast to Coast. For those of you who have never heard of this program I highly recommend it for entertainment...if you happen to be up between the hours of 10pm-5am. I do not however suggest it is the best thing to listen to while driving in the middle of the night through the desert. This night in particular the subject was on the Mothman Prophecies and Mothman sightings. A detail you should know about me is that I am DEATHLY afraid of these unknown things out there...and I find that in this case ignorance is bliss.

The night continues and our conversation turns to all of these unknown sightings of Big Foot, Mothman, Skinwalkers....all of it. By the time we actually stop for gas I am already on edge.

Picture this...we need gas, there is one light in the middle of the desert which just happens to be this truck stop. Of course we exit and proceed to get gas. As I hopped out of the truck I look around to notice that there is not a soul in site, not an attendant, trucker....nothing. I know what you are thinking because I thought it too, this is the making of a Stephen King novel. Of course me being a total girl, I need to use the restroom. As I make my way across the parking lot I am thinking I hope the store is open....and I kind of hope that it is not...since I will be the only one inside. I step inside to find myself completely alone and of course the bathroom is like 3 halls away. I had to walk by the kitchen, laundry room, cots, showers (this is a trucker stop) and then to the bathroom.

I remember thinking....I may die here and no one knows I took this silly road trip in the middle of the night. The only comforting thought was that my friend would also be in the store soon and I would no longer be completely alone at the back of this random building.

As I step out to wash my hands I look over to see a piece of binder paper, dated February 2004 and written in almost illegible cursive is a letter to God. YES....I am not kidding.

I have never left a building so fast in my life. And for all of you that keep, I did not keep the letter...I did not want whatever ghost or person wanting it back from me to follow us.

And then I helped steal a car. So basically in the span of 10 hours I had a scary encounter, cheered as my friend sang every single song on his I-pod, stole a car, did not get shot at and still managed to write an entire paper for my Business Law class. life amazes me.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The randomness that is my life....

So, I have a tendency to sit outside when I am on the phone. Today as I sat on my porch having a pretty indepth conversation I was approached by a guy wearing a white button up shirt and black slacks. There was nothing about him that gave any indication of what he was about to say to me:

Crazy guy "Do you have any crack, meth or weed?"
Me "No"
Crazy guy "Loratab....Aspirin....anything?"
Me "I have nothing...."
Crazy guy "Alright then. High five."


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

I adopted kids.....

So I work for the company TodaysMama and the ironic part is that I am the only one who is childless. So I felt the need to see what this business was all about. Yes, it is true. I adopted my cousins 3 kids for 11 days to embark on our first ever "Summer Adventure". And these were the best lines of the week:

"So you know how Eiko's skin is brown....they actually call that black."

"Why is Eiko half Chinese and African?"
"Well she isn't, she is actually Japanese and Indian."
"So she is kind of a warrior"
"Actually she is more of a ninja"
"Oh well then who taught her ninja moves?"
"She taught herself"

"Eiko you say Dude & Seriously way too much...."

Eiko "Let's Rock and Roll...."
Fletcher "I am Rock and Roll"
And there is how we got his Summer Adventure nicname

Sofie "Eiko for my adventure I want to make a Hannah Montan video...I have the H.M. wig but I need a shirt."

At the end of the 11 days we did everything on our list. Got sweet tans and played hard. It was a great time! And as much as I missed my life without kids I now miss the kids more.

Friday, June 13, 2008

My favorite toy....

So when I was a kid my favorite thing to play with was my brothers. I know what you are thinking....WTF? But here is the thing, they were like real live dolls. I could dare them or make them do whatever I wanted...yes, I was a little bossy as a kid. But they did whatever I suggested...dress up, let me push them down the hill on a skateboard or in a buggy... but the best was when we turned our wagon into a go-cart. These are the memories I have of me and my brothers and how we played....after yesterday I have found that this is not the case with the kids in my hood.

I live in the Avenues which means that my neighbors are about 5 feet away. I have a new set of neighbors next door and being that I work from home I can hear the kids and their discussions all day long.....

The little girl was outside and yelling at her brother....these are the things she said:

"No, you can not use that...that is my bowling ball!"
Now granted I didn't see this "bowling ball", however I am little nervous that the 5 & 6 year olds are using a bowling ball as an actual toy.

"You can not jump on the tramp while someone else is on it!"
WTF I thought that was the whole point of a tramp

"There are rules to playing...if you can't deal with the rules then we can't play!"
Seriously who are these kids?! And "rules" for word...stupid.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Embrace the madness

Yes, this is a real person....a girl wearing a horse head while mowing the my neighborhood. I can't decide which is funnier the fact that she caused me to run home and get my camera so that I can share this with the world or that when I came to the intersection and saw this it caused me to spit out my juice and then reprimand myself for making a mess that I said my first, middle and last name out loud.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dance it out......

I recently bought a card for a friend that suggests that all conflict should be resolved with a dance off. I know what you are thinking....BRILLIANT. Going forward I have decided that pretty much everything can be resolved with a dance off....

"Discussion" (nice word for fight) with your significant other....Dance off....
Great it out.
Bad it out.
Disagreement at work.....DANCE OFF (imagine the possibilities behind word YouTube)

And think of all the genres....
Old school ('Roger Rabbit', 'Running Man'...the list goes on and on)
Hard rock (I call this "kick things music" although I do not suggest actually kicking someone)

When you think about it...this can solve so many things. I am seriously considering implementing this in all areas of my get practicing on your mad dance skills.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


"Friends can help each other. A true friend is someone who lets you have total freedom to be yourself-and especially to feel, or not feel. Whatever you happen to be feeling at the moment is fine with them. That's what real love amounts to--letting a person be who they really are." James Douglas Morrison lead singer of the Doors

This statement epitomizes my recent experience in the "Free Fall" of my life. It is funny to me that those people who have been a part of this experience have become my greatest allies in all of this. I have found over the years that friends are tricky. Sometimes they are there and sometimes they are gone all together when you need them the most. I am blessed to have had had the great experience in finding those souls that will stand next to me in the dark and the light. Those that I seek advice from come in many forms and that those who are willing to give it and to push me to excel in my life are truly the people that love me. That knowledge alone lets me know that I am not alone in my struggle to be my best self.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Free Fall

Do you have enough risk in your life to stay alive?

Who would have thought that these 11 words would have such a tremendous impact on my entire life. In November of 2007 I had a realization that I was on the wrong life path. My path through life has had it's ups and downs but definitely didn't challenge me in ways that would improve who I am and who I wanted to be. I recently quit my job....and for those of you who know me, know that this is completely out of character. I have since had 9 think, study, analyze and research what career path and what type of future I wanted. This period of my life is what I call the "Free Fall". I made a decision to not control my destiny but rather let go and let the pieces fall where they may. I can not even begin to tell you the amount of freedom and strength that you find in yourself when you do this. IT IS AMAZING.
I think of it alot like bungee jumping....when you leap the net will appear.