Friday, August 15, 2008

I heart Nevada

I have a tendency to live the most random 10-12 hour spans of time. About a week or so ago a friend called and asked if I would drive with him to Nevada. Hold on...let me back up. I have a friend who owns a repo company and he had to drive to Nevada to "pick up" a car....which is the legal term for stealing a car. So 11pm I get the call and without hesitation I said yes. Now I know what you are thinking....who really ever says yes to these situations and the answer is Eiko...every time. But hey that is what keeps life interesting.

So we head out to Nevada, not for a fun vacation or gambling but to "pick up" a car and drive back. The night started out by us listening to George Noory Coast to Coast. For those of you who have never heard of this program I highly recommend it for entertainment...if you happen to be up between the hours of 10pm-5am. I do not however suggest it is the best thing to listen to while driving in the middle of the night through the desert. This night in particular the subject was on the Mothman Prophecies and Mothman sightings. A detail you should know about me is that I am DEATHLY afraid of these unknown things out there...and I find that in this case ignorance is bliss.

The night continues and our conversation turns to all of these unknown sightings of Big Foot, Mothman, Skinwalkers....all of it. By the time we actually stop for gas I am already on edge.

Picture this...we need gas, there is one light in the middle of the desert which just happens to be this truck stop. Of course we exit and proceed to get gas. As I hopped out of the truck I look around to notice that there is not a soul in site, not an attendant, trucker....nothing. I know what you are thinking because I thought it too, this is the making of a Stephen King novel. Of course me being a total girl, I need to use the restroom. As I make my way across the parking lot I am thinking I hope the store is open....and I kind of hope that it is not...since I will be the only one inside. I step inside to find myself completely alone and of course the bathroom is like 3 halls away. I had to walk by the kitchen, laundry room, cots, showers (this is a trucker stop) and then to the bathroom.

I remember thinking....I may die here and no one knows I took this silly road trip in the middle of the night. The only comforting thought was that my friend would also be in the store soon and I would no longer be completely alone at the back of this random building.

As I step out to wash my hands I look over to see a piece of binder paper, dated February 2004 and written in almost illegible cursive is a letter to God. YES....I am not kidding.

I have never left a building so fast in my life. And for all of you that keep, I did not keep the letter...I did not want whatever ghost or person wanting it back from me to follow us.

And then I helped steal a car. So basically in the span of 10 hours I had a scary encounter, cheered as my friend sang every single song on his I-pod, stole a car, did not get shot at and still managed to write an entire paper for my Business Law class. life amazes me.