Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bubble Wrap

Moving....I used to move to a new place every year. In fact I have moved 20+ times in the past 13 years....yah, I move alot. However, I have stayed in the same place for over 3 years, which is rare for me. So, I am moving out of my awesome, comfy avenue apartment...and I have never been big on the whole bubble wrap, shrink wrap business. This time I find that by putting most of my belongings in storage I have gotten a little paranoid with "what could happen" with my stuff.

With that said, I have found two very important and I must say AWESOME moving supplies.
1. Shrink Wrap - basically you can wrap anything to keep it together, keep dust off etc. I practiced my skills by shrink wrapping random items while watching TV. This stuff is my new favorite thing.
2. Bubble Wrap - as seen here.....I was buying it in small quantities....and then thought....go big or go home. This roll is 250 yards....it just makes me giggle that I felt the need to have this much bubble wrap.