Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Prison Mix Vol. 25

My sister in law Corina has been making me CD mixes for over 10 years. The CD's used to be labeled "CD for Eiko" with statements like 'God Bless America' all over it. As the years went by the names got more and more creative with titles like "Gettin' it on Music", "SF Mix" and my favorite "Eiko's Prison Mix" and fun fact these CD's come in various volumes. So an example would be my "Prison Mix" which is volume #25 and no I do not own volume #1-24, only volume #25. I know, I am truly blessed to have this gem in my life. So part 2 of the story.....

I have been driving my Mom's car for a week while mine was in the shop and so I took this as an opportunity to put in some CD's that I recently found. One of which was SF Mix '07 volume 14 (side note I do have 3-4 volumes of SF mixes volumes 3, 27 and 9). Now as I am driving in my Mom's convertible with the top down, listening to my mix LOUDLY in traffic I notice that this new song sounds familiar but wait....who is that singing?...oh that is right Paris Hilton and her one hit wonder. Now was it embarrassing that this was blaring loudly from the car in rush hour traffic, yes, but more embarrassing I was singing along. Remember that scene in "Office Space" where he is rapping in his car and then turns it down.....yah, it was like that.

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