Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lovin' the Walmart

Picture this:

11:30pm at the local/slightly ghetto Walmart
I am in line with 2 very "classy" girls on their way to a club. My guess they are in the age range of 17-19 in the most random clothing I have ever seen and no, it is NOT a costume. As I am standing in line listening to them talk about their night ahead of them wearing bright colored animal print tight spandex dresses and shenanigans, I notice that the purchase they are buying is gum and a "buty" which if you don't know (which I did not) is a pair of underwear with padding to give you a bigger butt.

2 questions:
1. I am pretty sure that last I checked girls were trying to decrease the size not increase...did I miss something?
2. Why on earth is the poor girl putting a buty and gum on a credit card! I mean going in to debt for a big but and good breathe?? REALLY?

And then I look down at my purchases
Cat food and vitamins

At what point did I become the lady buying pet food in a cardigan and jeans while the 18 year olds are plotting their night on the town?

I have never felt older. AND I have never been more okay with being older than that moment at the ghetto Walmart.

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Rach said...

Try taking the ACT with a bunch of teens at the local highschool, at the age of 35, to get into a program at the local juco. I could have been their mom, if I had kids right outta highschool. So sad.