Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Boys of Summer - Dedicated to Nick

Tonight while driving home, I hear this song on the radio. Here is the thing I have probably heard it a thousands times in my life, however this time was different. As I am sitting at the light I have this flash back of my brother Nick and I. It was who knows some time in the early 80's and we had just figured out MTV and music videos, but this was so long ago this was when they only played actual music videos, and from what I recall not a huge variety.

So here is the scene, it had to be like 2am or something and EVERYONE was asleep but Nick and I would occasionally wake each other up and sneak into the spare room where a TV as and watch music videos....for hours.

This fabulous video was one of the many that we watched over and over and over. All I can remember is thinking that one day we would be that cool..... .just like those people on the video. And here I am in traffic driving home and 10 bucks Nick is doing the same! Cheers to my Partner in Crime on this random Tuesday.

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