Monday, October 1, 2012

Boise vs. BYU

About 4 years ago, I posted "I heart Nevada" about a 24 hour random trip that I took....and I thought you know, I am getting older, this may be the last one of these trips.  I was wrong.

At some point in the last few months I had asked for tickets to this game for a friend and then forgot about the request.  A few weeks before I find that I did get these tickets and the seats are kind of ridiculously, I HAD to go.  And when I thought of who to bring I thought, Jenny and I have not had a fun adventure in awhile (see the Twilight movie post) so this seemed like a brilliant idea. 

Here is how the 24 hours rolled out.....

1.  In prepartion for our trip, I go to get gas.  And my car will not restart....when I finally do get it going I call Jenny to see where she is so that she can stay with my car while I run up stairs and lock up my house because I worry that it won't start again.  That way we can drop it off at the mechanic and drive the MINI to ID.  She then informs me that I can lock my car up and just bring my spare key down to get back I drive a Volvo...the dang things are so safety conscienous that it will allow me to lock 3 doors but not 4 when it is running.  Apparently this has been an enough of an issue that they have now built them this way.

2.  My mechanic is one I have gone to since I was 15, so they know me by name and I can just leave my car there.  Here is the best part, when I introduce my cousin, the guy says to me and her "Eiko always smells so good" and then proceeds to fan my scent towards him and then does the same to Jenny.  So, because we don't look alike he assumes we smell the same?  Boys confuse me. 

3.  Jenny comments to me that this guy likes me.  My comment "he has a tatoo of a baby drinking a beer on his forearm".  Enough said.

4.  All of the hotels are sold out in Boise, so we stayed a few miles up the road in Meridian.  Jenny is in charge of directions....and so she gets us to a hotel.  We go inside I give them my name and it doesn't pull up, which with my name this is a normal occurance.  I then give him the confirmation number and he still can't find us.  When I ask if this is the Marriot Courtyard...he says that this is not a Marriot. Fail on Jenny's part. She tried to check us in to the wrong hotel.  The more embarrassing part is that we didn't see the sign or name on the building or the HUGE rug at the front door informing us of the name.  We fail at being bright some times....well most of the time.

5.  Game was great, seats were amazing and we sat next to some interesting dudes that flew their private jet to the game.  And yes, I did ask if the MINI would fit in the plane and we could go home with them and not have to drive back.  They said no.  I am fairly certain this plan was a win win.

6.  On our way in we were trying to park and got on to some one way road and ended up in some random tailgating/parking area.  But the lady informs me we can walk the Greenbelt to the stadium.  Matt and I have biked this so I kind of know where I am we park and walk.  Side note.  Jenny is still in charge of directions and knowing where we are and how to get back.

7.  Walking out of the stadium with 36,000 other people we head to the Greenbelt.  Let me paint you a picture of what this looks like at night.  It is a paved path like 10 miles long, river on one side, woods on the other and there have been some huge fires in ID.  So, it looks like a foggy horror movie and the dude behind us says "safety in numbers people".  We walk the wrong way and the crowd begins to thin.  Clearly we don't listen.  Jenny's phone dies.  We keep walking.  By the time we decide to walk back to the stadium and take a new route (the right route) it is pitch black, no lights on the path and my phone dies.  Awesome.  I tell Jenny that I hope she was looking forward to dying in Boise because I am pretty sure this path is a serial killers dream and we are idiot girls without phones, nav, light etc.  Good times.

We make it back to the car 2 hours later, when Jenny has to use the bathroom.  I tell her that she will have to go in the bushes and I will wait.  Well, the only other group that was apparently left to get their car has also returned mid-stream for Jenny....which made her pee her pants instead.  Yes, we are full grown adults who apparently can't deal with directions, convince men to fly us home and who now pee their pants in public.  What?  This is pretty normal in my life.

So nothing has changed since our twenties. We kill every road trip.

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