Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dance it out......

I recently bought a card for a friend that suggests that all conflict should be resolved with a dance off. I know what you are thinking....BRILLIANT. Going forward I have decided that pretty much everything can be resolved with a dance off....

"Discussion" (nice word for fight) with your significant other....Dance off....
Great day.....dance it out.
Bad day....dance it out.
Disagreement at work.....DANCE OFF (imagine the possibilities behind this....one word YouTube)

And think of all the genres....
Old school ('Roger Rabbit', 'Running Man'...the list goes on and on)
Hard rock (I call this "kick things music" although I do not suggest actually kicking someone)

When you think about it...this can solve so many things. I am seriously considering implementing this in all areas of my life.....so get practicing on your mad dance skills.

1 comment:

Nick said...

Dance it out! Nice! Although this concept sounds good on paper, how well will it truly work? ie. with Rap. As opposed to Sisco's Shakedown, do you feel a rap off would be better??? Just a thought. P.S. I am the DDR champ!