Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Embrace the madness

Yes, this is a real person....a girl wearing a horse head while mowing the lawn....in my neighborhood. I can't decide which is funnier the fact that she caused me to run home and get my camera so that I can share this with the world or that when I came to the intersection and saw this it caused me to spit out my juice and then reprimand myself for making a mess that I said my first, middle and last name out loud.


Nick said...

Holy Shit! This is freaking hilarious!!!! What the hell? Was their an audience watching and laughing on the sideline, or was this person truly opting to use a horse head for lawn mowing?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Very, very funny!!! I hope you are well! It has been too long...like 5 years too long since we have talked!! You look great in your picture too! Call me, I still have the same cell number. :) Cindy