Sunday, May 8, 2011


So living in the industrial part of SLC does not hold as many random stories as the good ol' Aves. And apparently my brain has decided that it can create random stories all on it's own. For the past week I have been having the strangest dreams. I can't decide if I am sleep deprived or if I am silently going crazy. I actually think that I am running so fast that at night is when my sub-conscience gets to catch up. So, these dreams...well they are all over the map and mostly about things that I don't want to forget to do (unplug my curling iron, make my bed, wear a certain pair of shoes etc.) to the most random things that are not even on my radar, or at least I thought.

I should preface this with one time at band camp, okay well not a band camp, but one time, a sweet friend of mine was having some sort of party and I asked if I could bring anything. She says to me "oh yah can you bring an apple spice bunt cake". I reached out my hand and said "Hi, I am Eiko, I don't own a bunt pan and I don't even know what you are talking about". Lesson here is that I can buy you something but I most likely will not be making it.

So, today is Mothers Day and I am meeting up with my Mom and grandma. My Mom must have had a lapse in remembering who Eiko is because she says to me, maybe you can bring cupcakes. Yah, pretty sure I don't even have a cupcake pan. Checking. Confirmed. I do not own one. Mom meet Eiko, your daughter who does not bake, I thought we covered this through the years. Well let's get to the dream last night....I dreamt that I was supposed to bring cupcakes to some function (thank you Mom). The dream was the most random search for cupcakes, all over town, in all sorts of stores, completely stressed out that I could not find these damn cupcakes. This dream lasted all night. At no point did my brain think, oh I can make these and save myself the stress. No, that literally was never a solution. All I can say about that is at least my brain knows me well enough to know that I would go on a state wide search for cupcakes before resorting to baking. On some level I am okay with this and on some level I feel bad for my future children.

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