Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I want to teach 5th grade

There are so many things that I could say about this one statement. Let me paint you a quick picture of my day, first of all I wake up on time, get ready and am out the door in record time for my 8 o'clock meeting. I even remembered my laptop, which has been the latest victim in the things Eiko leaves behind game. As I am driving, not speeding because I am so on time, I think to myself, while singing to OneRepublic "Good Life" (yes, out loud and yes, I can both think and sing at the same time. I know what you are thinking. Pure Talent. I thought that too.), "today is a great day, I am stoked to get everything done today and I feel on top of things for next week. This is fantastic......"

Fast forward 3 hours and this appears on my work Facebook page "Eiko Espiritu has ruined my happiness". Good bye great day. Hello nightmare. Now, I know to most of you the fact that I did not post back some comment along the lines of" wow, if I am in charge of your happiness you have bigger problems than with the fact that I ruined it for you" is a small miracle. It seems that in my adult life or more accurately semi adult life I have begun to create a filter for these situations. Consequently I posted nothing. Shocking. I know. The boring part of the story, blah, blah, blah, work, legal, work, legal blah....end of day!

Now, I have a new found friend who teaches 5th grade. And while driving home he and I are talking about my new powers of controlling happiness via Facebook, while he interjects funny stories about his students. One of which is in charge of waking himself up, which means that he is late daily to class. And the best part is this little boy stole my friends happiness at 8:45 am. At which point I feel grateful at the fact that I didn't have that feeling until about 11 am. Point of my story is this. My job is fun. However, it is full of 35 - 50 year old males who when they do not get there way act like 16 year old girls. Which then makes me want to rethink my career path. And I know in the past I have struggled with being a good example to children, however in this case I would have rather struggled through a day of 5th grade or hell been a 5th grader for a day just to avoid the debacle that started as my perfect day.

**side note** This "man" will meet me face to face next Friday. I am so EXCITED to shake his hand and ask him if he is happy! And he wants to volunteer at the track?! What is wrong with this person? Perhaps I will just drop kick him when I see him.

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